5 color food and the 5 element diet in Chinese nutritional therapy

5 color food and the 5 element diet

In Chinese medicine, everything can be categorized into the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Food is no exception.

The goal of the diet is to identify any imbalance related to the five elements and trying to correct it naturally through food choice or lifestyle changes. The ideal diet according to the Chinese medicine is to have a variety of food in every meal or at least every day. That should include 5 different tastes and colors. 

If you have a certain craving for a specific taste such as sweet or sour, you might have an imbalance in organs such as Spleen or Liver. Pay attention to your food preference is the key to prevent any diseases.

The five element diagram

5 Element chart.jpg

Each of the five elements is related to certain taste, organ, season, and emotion. This chart helps us find out what is our imbalance in the five element relationship.

For example, the Wood element is green so the green color food is good for Liver and Gallbladder. It is the season of Spring, so we should eat more green food during spring. Just remember don't go extreme. Too much of good food, even in the right season can still lead to problems.

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