Chinese food therapy - 10 tips

Food is the best medicine. It is the best and easiest way to adjust your health naturally. Chinese food therapy comes from the traditional Chinese medicine theory. Here are the 10 tips you can do to improve your health. 

Chinese food therapy video:

1. Avoid processed and pre-packaged food

That includes most boxed snacks, convenience food, food in a can or food never expires. There are just too much additive and chemicals that the original nutrient is mostly lost. What you eat is just empty calory and gives body more burden. Instead of fast and convenient, try the "slow food" and home cooking from scratch. 

2. Avoid too much seasoning, sauce, and spice

If you exam the ingredients of the most sauces in a jar, they typically contain high fructose corn syrup, not to mention high sodium or sugar content and food coloring. Even most Ketchup has a lot of questionable ingredients. In Chinese medicine, extreme is not good, so too much spice or strong flavor is not recommended. On the other hand, it is much better if you can build your own sauce from natural ingredients and add appropriate spices according to your own body type.

sauce and seasoning

3. Avoid deep fry or high-temperature cooking for a long time

Deep frying and high heat will destroy most nutrients of food and turns food harmful to our bodies. So avoid fast food french fries or fried chicken. And avoid overcooked BBQ and dark toast. Cook lightly and quickly to preserve the food in the original form.

4. Watch the dairy products and beans

Many people are intolerant to milk, egg or cheese without knowing it. Many Asians tend to get mild diarrhea after drinking milk. Some people can not take cheese or beans (even soy milk from soybeans). Everybody is different. You can always cut out all these food for 2-3 weeks and see if you feel better, less bloated, less allergy and so on. Just be careful if you are unsure that they give you any problems.


5. Eat moderate meat

It is good to have some good quality protein, including lamb, beef, pork, chicken and fish. A variety food in proper portion is healthy for you in Chinese medicine theory. Most modern people have too much greasy, fatty food and Vegetarian becomes a trend. Again it depends on your body type. Some people might benefit from having a small portion of meat or fish.  Check with a reliable Chinese medicine practitioner to find out the best food types for you.

6. Less white noodle and rice (refined carbohydrate)

Most Asians love rice and noodle, but they are still considered refined carbohydrate. If we can add a variety of unprocessed grain, soak them for a few hours and cook together with white rice, it will enhance the nutrition and still stay somewhat soft and sweet. If you have a weak stomach, go slow on introducing new grains. Make sure you soak them first so it is easier to digest.

grain and rice

7. Less stimulant (coffee, tea, soda, energy drink)

Many people today rely on coffee, tea, soda, or energy drink to wake up and keep awake. Once in a while, it is good to have some caffeine to boost metabolism. Overuse or addiction of these drinks make us feel super tired, anxiety with jitter and palpitation. It might give you some short-term high energy, but in the long run, it depletes your Qi and make you even worse than before. We have to look at the root of the problem why you lack energy. If you need more rest, proper schedule, or motivation, that is what you should work on. 

8. Avoid "cold" natured food (cucumber, melon, turnip, salad, raw food, ice)

In Chinese medicine, there is cold and hot natured food. Too much cold food might make your body stagnant and creates damp, phlegm, or other problems such as allergy or getting sick easily. Cold food includes, but not limited to, cucumber, melon, turnip, salad, raw food, and ice. Yes, even the "healthy" salad and raw food diet might not be good for your body. Balance is the key.

9. Know your body type and adjust accordingly

There might be a lot of rules about food selection, but the basic one is to know your body type. Are you allergic to certain food? Do you prefer to eat certain types of food? Your body might be telling you something. In Chinese medicine, body types can be divided into hot/ cold, Yin/ Yang, Damp/ phlegm, Qi/ Blood, Excess/ Deficiency and the combination of them. It can also be categorized by the five element types. Learning your unique type and you will know how to take care of it better.

10. Lifestyle change

Chinese medicine always comes down to lifestyle changes. If you go to a Chinese medicine doctor, he or she will ask your daily routine and any changes in the routine that might trigger your problem. A balanced schedule of eating, sleeping, working, exercise and resting are important. If you can sleep well, eat well, exercise regularly, maintain emotional health and reduce stress, you are on your way a great health and happiness.